In the event of an accident or illness

Invalidity insurance

  • Premium discount for under 28s
  • Freely selectable contract period
  • Support from crisis coach
  • Monthly pension up to CHF 3’000
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Why invalidity insurance?


Why invalidity insurance?

If you become permanently unable to work as a result of an accident or illness and the requirements for entitlement to benefits are met, you will receive the pension amount agreed in the contract after the agreed waiting period has expired, in addition to the benefits from the 1st and 2nd pillars. You will receive a partial pension from as little as 25% disability, but a full pension if you are 66.6% disabled.

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Income development with permanent disability

In the event of sudden disability, there is a large income gap. EmmaLife can close this gap.

  1. 1
    Continued pay
    As an employee, you temporarily receive full wages.
  2. 2
    Daily allowance insurance
    The employer's daily allowance insurance usually steps in afterwards. This often covers 80% of wages for 24 months.
  3. 3
    Occupational benefit plan (OP)
    The occupational pension (OP) provides insurance against invalidity. Together with first pillar's invalidity insurance (ID) a pension income of around 60 per cent of the final salary should be achieved.

What makes our invalidity insurance so special

The advantages of EmmaLife: We consistently focus on the needs of our customers.

Flexible protection

Flexible protection

We respond to your personal needs and have the right service package for you. Since your needs are constantly changing, you can of course also adapt our product during the entire insurance period.

Crisis coach

Crisis coach

If you are unable to work, EmmaLife will support you with a crisis coach who will provide you with support, advice and organizational services up to a total of CHF 2’500.

Attractive rates for under 28s

Attractive rates for under 28s

For young people up to the age of 28, EmmaLife offers particularly favorable entry-level conditions. EmmaLife offers you different insurance options for optimal coverage.


We have compiled frequently asked questions about life insurance below.

What is disability?

If you are physically, mentally or psychologically impaired and are therefore no longer able to pursue any profession to the full extent, this is referred to as disability. The most common reasons for disability are illnesses or accidents. Normally, you are already insured against disability through the 1st and 2nd pillars, but these contributions are usually not sufficient to finance your usual standard of living.

Can I deduct the premiums from taxes?

The premium for disability insurance can be fully deducted from tax in the restricted pension plan up to the statutory maximum (Pillar 3a). At the beginning of the year, a tax certificate for the pension contributions paid is sent out.

Am I not already covered by my employer and IV insurance?

Yes, you are. However, the benefits that you receive as an employed person in the event of disability from the 1st and 2nd pillars are usually not sufficient to close the financial gap that arises. In 90% of cases, disability is caused by an illness. In this case it can happen that you have to forego 30-40% of your income without additional insurance.

What is a crisis coach?

If you become unable to work, you are confronted with many organizational problems – and there is also an enormous psychological burden for the person affected. EmmaLife is also there for you in this case. On request, we can provide you with a crisis coach who will assist you with support, advice and organizational services up to a total of CHF 2,500.

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Who are we?

EmmaLife is your personal pension companion, which enables you to take out your life insurance online in a self-determined manner and with a good feeling. We help you to secure your loved ones financially so that you can concentrate on life.

With Pax as the risk bearer, you benefit as an EmmaLife customer from the expertise of an established and financially strong industry leader.

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