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For anyone appreciating predictability.
How it works Fix

Your premium will be averaged over the entire term, which means you will be paying the same amount every year. Once your term has ended, it can only be extended given a medical check.

Ideal if
  • You know exactly how long you will need the insurance for (for instance to insure a mortgage)
  • You value consistent rates to allow for better budgeting
Degree options:
  • Digital: Momentan ist ein digitaler Abschluss leider nicht möglich.
  • Analog: Antrag ausdrucken, unterschreiben und per Post verschicken. Abschluss in 3 Tagen.
  • durationDuration: The insurance ends after the predetermined term - extension possible only upon medical check
  • cancellationCancellation is possible annually
  • premiumYour premium will be averaged over the entire term, which means you will be paying the same amount every year.
  • Sum insuredCHF 10’000 - CHF 2’000’000
  • Age at entryFrom 15 to max.70 years
  • Age at expiry85 years
  • Medical checkRequired for any sum insured exceeding CHF 400,000
  • Risk carrier
    Pax Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd.
For anyone valuing flexibility.
How it works Flex

The premium is based on the mortality risk and changes annually. You will not have to predetermine the duration.

Ideal if
  • You don’t yet know how long you will need the insurance for.
  • You want to spend the money you saved in the beginning on other things
Degree options:
  • Digital: create and sign the application online. Completion in 3 minutes.
  • Analogue: Print out the application, sign it and send it by post. Completion in 3 days.
  • DurationNo fixed term. The insurance is renewed annually for a further year.
  • cancellationCancellation is possible annually
  • premiumThe premium is based on the mortality risk and changes annually
  • Sum insuredCHF 100’000 - CHF 600’000
  • Age at entry: From 17 to max. 59 years
  • Age at expiry 64/65 years (AHV retirement age)
  • Medical health examinationnot necessary
  • Risk carrier
    Pax Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd.

What's insured?

In the event of death, life insurance from EmmaLife pays out the specified insured sum to the beneficiaries.

That's covered
  • Death due to accident
  • Death due to illness (incl. pandemics)
  • Death during military service
That's not covered
  • Suicide in the first three years after the start of insurance
  • Death as a result of risk (deliberately taken risk) or in a region for which a travel warning has been issued by the DFA
  • Death while committing a crime

Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the most pressing questions.

What is insured?

EmmaLife Leben covers death as a consequence of accident or illness. The sum insured remains the same throughout the entire term and can be used e.g. for the refunding of mortgages or loans. In the insured event, the sum insured will be paid out to the beneficiary/beneficiaries as a one-off payment.

When does the insurance take effect?

Starting from when you submit the application (no longer than 20 days before commencement of contract) you profit from provisionary insurance cover equal to your requested benefit (but not more than CHF 200,000). The provisional cover ends with our acceptance of your application respectively within 60 days. Your benefit comes into effect as soon as the insurance policy has been issued.

Why are the premiums of the two tariffs (Fix and Flex) different?

Both tariffs (Fix and Flex) use different risk models, which is why their approximate premiums differ depending on duration. Simply put: The premium is mainly dependent on the risk of death, however, both the predictable term and the number of people insured play a role when calculating the premium. The more precise the risk can be calculated, the lower the so-called “risk buffer” and the lower the premium. In case you require more information you can contact us via chat. Important for you to know: The Fix tariff tends to be cheaper in case of longer terms and older age. The Flex tariff on the other hand is cheaper in case of shorter terms and younger age.

Does the insurance offer any fiscal benefits?

Yes. The insurance premium can be claimed as tax exempt as part of the standard deduction under pillar 3b, presupposing the maximum deductible amount has not yet been exhausted by other insurance premiums such as health insurance premiums.

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The best of two worlds

Innovation and competence: A startup’s creativity combined with Pax insurance’s experience.

Your digital assistant

EmmaLife offers a prevention platform for any life situation. Thanks to new ideas, digital processes and the willingness to approach insurances in a new way, we are able to offer fair products. Our credo is to offer individually tailored products at unbeatable prices.

The strong partner

With Pax in the background, you as an EmmaLife customer profit from the competence of an established and financially strong market leader. Pax is organised as a cooperative. This means it belongs to its customers and is solely obliged and committed to safeguard all members’ (customers’) financial security.

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