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When does life insurance make sense?

We are there for your relatives when you can no longer be - because precaution is care.

Family with children
Family with children

Married couples

There are two cases for term life insurance for married couples:

Main breadwinner / main breadwinner : The benefits from AHV and occupational pension schemes are seldom enough for the surviving parent to maintain the family's previous standard of living if the majority of the income was generated by one person. Term life insurance covers this gap in an emergency.

Family manager : If something happens to the person taking care of the children and the household, the widowed main breadwinner cannot immediately resume work, as childcare and household care have to be organized. This results in financial losses.

The risk insurance helps to cover the living costs of the surviving dependents or to pay for their training costs. So you are best covered if both parents are insured.

Unmarried couples (cohabiting)

Unmarried persons do not receive any widow's or widower's pension from the AHV. The pension funds (BVG) also only pay under certain conditions. Since cohabiting partners also have no legal inheritance claim, things can quickly become financially tight for surviving dependents without insurance cover. Life insurance also protects life partners without a marriage license.

Single parents

Since single mothers or fathers bear all the financial responsibility, the consequences of their failure for the bereaved can be particularly serious. A life insurance provides for this case by using the children as beneficiaries.

Secure family
Couples / Concubinage
Couples / Concubinage

Unmarried persons do not receive any widow's or widower's pension from the AHV. Also the Pension funds (BVG) only pay under certain conditions. There Cohabiting partners also have no legal inheritance claim, it can be for Surviving dependents without insurance cover quickly become financially tight. One Life insurance also protects life partners without a marriage license.

Protect life partner
Homeowner (mortgage)
Homeowner (mortgage)

The absence of a salary can make servicing an ongoing mortgage difficult. This can force families to give up their apartment or house together. With the death benefit from term life insurance, family members can pay off part or all of a mortgage or loan. A life insurance policy with a constant sum insured is particularly useful for this purpose. Compared to risk insurance with a decreasing sum insured, the initially agreed capital remains the same.

Secure your mortgage
Business partner
Business partner

Self-employed persons can, in the worst-case scenario, receive an immediate payment Secure the future of your company. To do this, they set the business partner as Beneficiary a. Depending on the economic consequences of their departure it can also make sense to insure other key workers.

Protect business partners

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Who are we?

EmmaLife is your personal pension companion, which enables you to take out your life insurance online in a self-determined manner and with a good feeling. We help you to secure your loved ones financially so that you can concentrate on life.

With Pax as the risk bearer, you benefit as an EmmaLife customer from the expertise of an established and financially strong industry leader.

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We have compiled frequently asked questions about life insurance below.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance (also called life insurance or pure life insurance) is insurance that covers the financial risk of death. It takes over if you die due to illness or an accident during the term of the insurance. In this case, the beneficiaries you have chosen receive the insured cash benefit, the so-called sum insured (also known as the lump sum on death). Beneficiaries are mostly family members, business partners or lenders, at EmmaLife you can freely choose them.

In which case do I need term life insurance?
  • If you want to protect your family from the financial consequences of your death
  • If you have taken out a mortgage and want or need to provide death insurance as security
  • To secure financial obligations with business partners. If there are further financial obligations that need to be secured
What does term life insurance cover and what does not?

The insurance cover generally exists worldwide for deaths as a result of accident or illness with the reservation of the following causes of death:

  • Suicide : The Pax pays unlimited benefits in the event of death through suicide that were insured without interruption for the last 3 years at the time of death. So if you have been insured with us for less than three years and a death occurs due to suicide, then your specified beneficiaries will not receive any benefits.
  • Risk : There is no insurance cover for deaths that occurred as a result of relative and absolute risk. Risks are actions with which the deceased has exposed himself to a particularly great danger. These actions are carried out without taking or being able to take precautions that would limit the risk to a reasonable level (e.g. base jumping, motorcycle racing, etc.). Pax is based on the specifications of the SUVA without being bound by them.
  • Furthermore, there is no insurance cover:
    • For deaths related to a crime or misdemeanor.
    • For deaths that occurred while traveling in dangerous regions (travel warning according to EDA).
How does the application process work?

Most people start out by calculating their premium. You will find out the amount of the premium immediately, with just a few details about yourself. If you would like to submit an application, we will ask you further questions regarding health and contact details. At the end you can download and print out your non-binding application. We will also send you your application by post within a few days (usually within 24 hours on working days). As soon as the insurance company has issued a policy on your application, you are insured.

Don't worry: as long as you have not yet received a policy from the insurance company, you are (after receipt of your application) already provisionally insured.

How is my premium calculated?

The annual premium to be paid depends primarily on the risk of death. The risk assessment is based on the average probability of death for your age group. As a rule, the higher your age, the higher the probability of death and the higher the premium.

Other factors that influence the premium are:

  • the amount of the sum insured
  • the state of health (e.g. smoking status or BMI)
  • the professional activity of the insured person (only in exceptional cases)

The following applies to the Flex tariff: Your premium is recalculated every year based on your current mortality risk. This is why your premium usually increases.

The following applies to the Fix tariff: Your premium will be averaged on the basis of the term you have determined. Therefore, unlike the Flex tariff, your premium is the same every year.

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