Recommend EmmaLife and earn to CHF 1’000

Recommend EmmaLife to your friends and family and receive CHF 100 per recommendation. You benefit together: For each successful recommendation both parties receive a bonus of CHF 100.

How it works

Tell your loved ones about EmmaLife - for each successful recommendation, both you and the referred person receive CHF 100!

Share your code
Simply enter your e-mail and receive your personal recommendation code.
Earn CHF 100 for each referral

As soon as your code has been used to buy an EmmaLife insurance, we will transfer CHF 100 to your account. You can refer a maximum of 10 people and earn up to CHF 1’000. 💸


Everything you need to know about the referral program:

Why do you have a referral program?

Pensions are important to us - we want to help as many people as possible to organize their pensions in a self-determined manner. Help your friends and family protect your loved ones too and be rewarded by EmmaLife.

Who should I recommend EmmaLife to?

Any person between the ages of 18 and 65 - especially if he/she has loved ones (spouse, children, aging parents) who are financially dependent on him/her. Term life insurance is important for couples, families with children, same-sex couples, couples with a mortgage or the self-employed who want to protect business partners, for example.

How long does the payout take?

As soon as we have received the premium payment from a person you recommended, we will transfer CHF 100 to both of you within 3 working days.

Conditions of Participation

Persons whose recommendations lead to the conclusion of an EmmaLife term life insurance policy by the recommended person are entitled to a premium. Persons who take out insurance on the basis of a recommendation are also entitled to a premium. The premium is CHF 100 for both parties.

Receipt of the premium payment for the newly concluded policy from the person who received the recommendation is deemed to be confirmation of purchase and date of purchase. After that, the payment is made.

The referral bonus is only paid once for several recommendations from different referrers per purchase address. The recommended person chooses the recipient of the premium payment.

The offer is limited to 10 rewards for referrals per calendar year.

EmmaLife reserves the right not to pay out the amount of CHF 100 if someone specifies themselves as a referral, i.e. the referrer is the same person as the referrer.

In the case of annual premiums of less than CHF 200, no more than the sum of the first-year premium is divided between two parties and paid out. Example: First-year bonus is CHF 160. Referrer and referrer receive CHF 80 each.